Rip Curl Planet

Rip Curl Planet is about giving back. It’s about taking the joy we get from the ocean as surfers, and turning it into momentum to help keep that same ocean healthy and clean for years to come. 


“As surfers, we feel first hand the immediate effects of pollution. We see rampant development on our coasts, we see the effects of a runaway consumer lifestyle and the general disregard for the future of the ecosystem as a whole.”  Tom Curren, Rip Curl Team Rider


And Tom is right. When we’re in the lineup in remote Indonesia and a plastic bag floats past us, when we see sewage draining directly into the ocean in Southern California, when we see kids leaving their plastic containers on the beach all over the world – as surfers, these are constant reminders that we need to do everything we can to help reverse the effects of the consumer lifestyle we live in.

From Project New Caledonia, where RCP gave $121,000 USD to an installation project of eco-mooring anchors to help protect the reef, to the Project Our Waves program in the UK, to a sustainable management program in the Rangiora lagoons of French Polynesia, all the way down to the basics of beach clean-ups and Planet Days – Rip Curl Planet’s goal is simple. Push our crew and our customers towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and help restore our planet in the process.

At Rip Curl, we have a strong determination to be environmentally responsible and encourage our crew to participate in achieving this.

"I hope my kids will have a rich surfing life, unhindered by the effects of pollution" - Tom Curren

Rip Curl Planet. We Surf. We Care.